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Food/ cooking
A good book
Hot coffee
Sleeping in
Building blanket forts
Nature/ hiking


Being cold
Creepy crawlies
Wet socks
Low battery
Running late
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My name is Kateland, and I love to make awesome things.
Based in the chilly Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, my creative journey started young and has taken me into many different areas of interest.

Between 2010 and 2012 I attended the University of Manitoba's School of Art, where after two years I was inspired to pursue graphic design, and following some research and work, I was lucky enough to be accepted into Red River College's graphic design program.
I attended Red River College for two years between 2014 and 2016, where I was introduced to exciting new methods of work, and developed my skills further.

My abilities and passion are strongest primarily in illustration, both hand-rendered and digital. However, I've found a love and passion in print design, typography, and even some web design. I currently freelance creative work, and enjoy the challenges of new projects.

I'd love to get in touch about my work, or about starting something new. Feel free to contact me below, or come say hello on social media!